Precautions for using plastic woven bags

Precautions for using plastic woven bags


Several points for attention in using plastic woven bags

Precautions for using plastic woven bags
How to dispose of discarded plastic woven bags. The plastic bag, together with the convenience of us, also brought a little confusion, that is, how to deal with the discarded plastic bags.
Plastic bags are not disposable because they are less decomposable, but they don't know how to handle them. Some people choose to burn them.
However, from the environmental point of view, the gas generated by the burning of plastic bags and tons of bags will cause considerable harm to the human body, so the plastic bags thrown away cannot be disposed of by burning.

1. The lead chloride salt is separated from the solvent such as polyvinyl chloride and ethanol ether. Therefore, it is not suitable to store alcoholic food with polyvinyl chloride plastic.

2. When PVC plastics encounter oily foods, the lead will dissolve into the food, so it is not suitable.

3. When the operating temperature of PVC plastic is higher than 50 °C, HCI gas will be slowly released, which is very harmful to human health.

4. Bakelite (phenolic plastic) and electric jade (urinary aldehyde plastic) are used at high temperatures, and harmful free monomers, phenol, formaldehyde, urea and other toxins may occur, which are not suitable for food packaging and equipment.

5. Waste plastic recycling and re-finished products, due to the complexities of raw materials, can not be with toxic ingredients, and therefore should not be used as food packaging.