Placement and maintenance of plastic woven bags

Placement and maintenance of plastic woven bags


How to place and maintain plastic woven bags

The advantages and performances of plastic woven bags are becoming more and more widely known. In the mass production and mass consumption, the simple maintenance of plastic woven bags, the taboos need to be understood, how to reduce the aging of plastic woven bags to a certain extent, Extend the service life?

The plastic woven bag is made of polypropylene bag and polyethylene bag according to the main material; it is divided into a seam bottom bag and a seam bottom bag according to the sewing method. Currently widely used in express packaging, fertilizer, cement, rice, chemical products and other packaging materials. Evaluation of the aging resistance of plastic woven bags can be measured by artificial accelerated aging test and outdoor exposure weather resistance test. The artificial accelerated aging test is to place the woven bag test sample in the test equipment, which can be simultaneously or alternately affected by factors such as light, oxygen, heat and humidity. Under these conditions, the main environmental parameters can be easily It remains relatively stable, so the data obtained can maintain good repeatability.

According to the above-mentioned products that have been tested after UV accelerated aging, the anti-aging effect will be different when used in a real use environment, especially when a hindered amine light stabilizer is added in the case of adding a filler, the anti-aging effect is unstable. . Although the outdoor exposure test of the woven bag takes a long time and the human and financial resources are large, the obtained test data basically meets the actual use requirements, and can be used for the anti-aging quality evaluation and the anti-aging effect monitoring of the woven bag. Everyday when used in woven bags, the ambient temperature and humidity of the woven bag and other external conditions directly affect the service life of the woven bag, especially when placed outdoors in the open air, rain, direct sunlight, wind, insects, etc. Will accelerate the damage of the quality of the woven bag. Anti-flooding and anti-smashing bags, coal bags placed in the open air, etc. need to consider the anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation ability of the woven bag itself.

Ordinary woven bags for households or workers and peasants are best placed indoors in a place where there is no direct sunlight, dryness, and no insects and worms. Sun exposure is strictly prohibited.