Big bag, ton bag base cloth testing standard Bulk bag base fabric testing standard

Time: 2019-06-06
Summary: Inspection Standard for Base Cloth of Container Bag and Ton Bag Two Standards for Inspection of Base Fabric in Container Bags
First, the appearance standard

1. The appearance is smooth and smooth, no missing, no thin weft, no jumper. qualified.

2. The cut edges are neat and there are no loose threads. qualified.

3. The roll is not folded, the roll is neat, and the tension is even. qualified.

4. The spacing of the colored silk is ± as required.

5. The folding width is 1cm and qualified according to the process requirements.

6. There is no obvious oil stain on the surface of the base fabric.

7. Kibuk's weight tolerance is 2g-4g. qualified.

8. Dirty latitude 3 or more failed.

9. Menstruation, 2 or more than 1 meter, less than 7 intervals are unqualified.

10. Broken hole, unqualified.

11. More than 3 skips failed.

12. More than 3 hops failed.

13. The hair is severe and unqualified.

14. There is a clear chromatic aberration.

15. Oil pollution, unqualified.

16. The discounted film is unqualified.

17. The warp and weft knots are too large and too long to pass.

Second, the tensile test standard

1. 150g/m2 or less, 150g/m2 cloth, longitudinal direction ≥1500N/5cm, horizontal ≥1400N/5cm.

2. From 150g/m2 to 170g/m2, the longitudinal direction is ≥1800N/5cm, and the lateral direction is ≥1700N/5cm.

3. Fabrics from 170g/m2 to 190g/m2, longitudinal direction ≥1950N/5cm, lateral ≥1850N/5cm

4. 190g/m2 or more cloth, longitudinal direction ≥ 2100N/5cm, horizontal ≥ 2000N/5cm.

5. Elongation <25‰

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