Why is the big bag widely recognized by the market?

Time: 2019-06-06
Summary: A Brief Introduction to the Development of Woven Bags
The development of plastic woven bags can be projected into the 1960s, mainly due to the discovery of new technologies for the production of cut filaments and split-fibers.
And also began to study new equipment to produce this kind of flat wire, until 1965, Europe took the lead in the industrial production of flat yarn, and the use of flat yarn to weave plastic woven bags.
China began to develop flat woven bags in 1966. Although it started relatively late, the achievements created are obvious to all. At present, there are many kinds of products and various colors.
Specifications are also very complete. In terms of quality, China's self-developed products have reached the level of similar foreign products.

After decades of development, plastic woven bags have undergone great changes in shape, quality and use.
The plastic woven bag woven with mixed color flat yarn in the shape looks more beautiful and has a certain three-dimensional effect.
In terms of quality, the quality of the current plastic woven bags is subject to state supervision, and the quality has to meet the national unified standards before it can flow to the market. In terms of use,
Plastic woven bags have not only been used as food, grain, etc. for transportation or construction of dams. It can also be used for shopping and shopping as a handbag.
More environmentally friendly. At the same time, some stores use it as a bag.
While plastic woven bags continue to provide convenience to humans, they are constantly improving.

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