How to choose a high quality big bag

Time: 2019-06-06
Summary: Selection Method of High Quality Bag
Because there is competition and a temptation of interest; therefore, the items sold in the market always have good or bad points, but some things can be identified at a glance, and some things need to be carefully identified at the time of purchase, otherwise they will be fooled. Being cheated. For example, when packing bags, consumers need to carefully select them when they buy them. Let's take a look at the selection of high-quality big bags.
Generally, when the bag is observed, it can be separated from the color and the hand. The container bag produced by the pure material tends to have transparent light, and the hand feel is smoother and has no burr feeling.
However, this method is not easy for ordinary consumers to grasp. There is no standard. The proportion of woven bags refers to the length of the tying rope per metre. The unit is gram/meter. For the tying rope with pure material, the specific gravity of the tying rope is 3.5. Gram/m, the proportion of pure material tying rope will not be very large, because the pure product can be pulled very long during the production process.
If the weight of the cored tying rope is used, it will be much larger than this value, which is also due to the addition of groceries.
Only a high-quality big bag can fully demonstrate the advantages of the bag, otherwise all its performance characteristics will disappear with the poor quality.

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